Sunday, January 02, 2005

Very Quiet Life

We are getting a taste of a different season of life.

We are in the busy child-rearing, homeschooling season right now. I barely think of what to do for myself. And that is perfectly fine right now. If I go anywhere it is for the children. All the money is spent on the children. This is real life for so many of us.

But in the last week, Patrick went back to Nebraska and Matthew and Emma are both visiting friends up North and we are home alone with Katie.

We are getting a view of life with an Only.

When Katie goes to bed at night, my husband and I are alone.

It is very quiet.

This season is wide open to possibilities.

And no doubt I will fill my time with interesting books and quilts and socks and television (let's be honest) but for now I am thankful for little Katie, our sweet, funny, energetic caboose.

Cause I really do like her company. And I can't wait for the big kids to come home.

Cause life is just better when they are around.

I spy the empty nest...and I wonder how I can fill the nest all over again.

I do so love this busy, child-rearing, homeschooling, season of life.

Encourage one another,

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