Friday, January 21, 2005

Friday Five:factoids

Share, if you will, five things about yourself that not everyone knows.

1. I get car sick.
2. I was called Donna Elsie Booba as a baby. I was a small baby and quickly chubbed up. I think I looked like a Buddha hence the Booba.
3. My father's mother is named Elsie.
4. My mothers best friend, Audrey, still called me Donna Elsie Booba as an adult.
5. I never liked to tell my middle name because it was the name of a cow.

Also, if you are feeling creative and helpful, please send me an idea for the Friday Five. I am very open to suggestions :o)

I'm outta time this morning.
I'll check in this afternoon to read the comments.
They're bound to be entertaining.
And don't let that intimidate husband says I am easily amused.
He's right.

Encourage one another,

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