Monday, January 03, 2005

More for Me

I like egg salad. I have developed a recipe that is just right, in my eyes.
No one else will eat it. Our children don't like mayonnaise. If they put anything on their sandwich it will be a bit of butter. (They get their simple tastes from their father.

Not like mayonnaise! Well, I never!

Since I was cooking for myself yesterday afternoon I made my wonderful egg salad to eat all by myself.

3 hard boiled eggs
a big blob of mayo (Hellmans)
a stalk of celery, chopped
4 olives, sliced
Lawry's salt
a little pepper

Katie ate a hard boiled egg. I offered her a taste of my salad. No thank you!
Patrick Sr. took a look and informed me that egg and mayo are all he needs.

So I ate it right out of the bowl. No need for a bun. No need for a leaf of lettuce.
Just right out of the bowl. Like Jethro Bodine :o)

And as our dear mother always said, "More for me!"


Less is Best

Yesterday I undecorated the Christmas tree and sent it out to the curb. Katie did not like this at all.

"Can't we keep it?"
"Can't we keep it in the garage?"

It is very pretty to have a tree in the house...but it makes me feel squished.


Don't you just love a clutter free room? A bare counter? A cleared table?

So pretty.

I don't need to decorate to be happy with my home.

I just need to declutter it :o)

Encourage one another,

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