Monday, January 10, 2005

One Skein!

Who would have thought that little ball of yarn could make another whole mitten. Not me.

Knitting can be very exciting!


Back to life, back to reality

A full, real week of school, with all the fixin's that is!

This time of year I look over the materials and adjust the time spent on each subject. Everything except Latin looks fine. Even though Emma spends 45 minutes on her Henle Latin four days a week, she will need to increase her pace.
We only 'do school' for nine months but if need be Emma will be a Latin scholar in the summer too.

Emma also has a very full week of playing indoor soccer. Four games in eight days!
Indoor soccer is really fun and fast.

I'll see if I can take a few pictures tonight.

Off to make a bagel with butter for my little Katie...
I'll have one with cream cheese and olives.

Time for my Dr. Pepper.

Encourage one another,

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