Sunday, January 16, 2005

David Horwarth
The Year of the Conquest

"Even the weather was improving. For a long time, England had been wetter and colder than it normally is, but it was entering a phase which lasted two centuries when the summers were unusually warm and sunny and the winters mild. Crops flourished, and men and cattle throve. Most of the English were still very poor, but most of the comforts they lacked were things they had never heard of."

The idea that time would be measured in centuries is not American. Our society is right here, right now, all about us.
We do not have millenniums to look back on (counrty-wise) in which to reflect. And even if our country was thousands of years old instead of just hundreds of years old, I'm not sure it is our nature to take to long view.

Which makes me wonder about the ability to see things from God's perspective.

The longest view of all.

Eternity, I believe it is real. Very real and very true.

But to live my life with all of my emotions and thoughts and attitudes clearing focused on eternity is much more difficult.

Do you have a way to keep your perspective eternal?


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