Thursday, January 06, 2005

Smells like snow!

No, really. I just opened the front door to take a look at the snow accumulation over the night,and I took in a breath, and it smells just like snow. It's a very nice smell. Have you ever noticed?

Some people notice things around them. Like the birds and the clouds and the smells.
Others are very focused on what they are doing to notice and miss it all together.

My mother was a pointer out of the beauty of the earth.

"Children do you hear the geese?" she would holler up the stairs.

"Girls, look, there are ducks in the pool!"

These were precious to her and important enough to share with all of us.
I can clearly see where a desire to share my delight in the world around me comes from. I'm glad she passed this trait down to me. Cause besides enjoying little things in nature and life, I remember her when I do.

"Katie, come here and smell the snow."


Yesterday, on my visits around the blogs I was informed that it was de-lurking day.

Lurkers are people who read blogs but never leave comments. There are a lot of lurkers.

I could never just lurk. I feel compelled to comment.
Just call me Chatty Cathy...

Even tho I missed the big celebration (and who would know the difference if I declared today the official delurking day) I still wanted to show you the funny buttons.

So introduce yourself if you'd like.
You are more interesting than you think :o

Or just step outside and smell the snow...that would make me happy too!


Encourage one another,

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