Thursday, January 20, 2005

Is any one else a slow reader?

Any tips on picking up my speed?

Bad hair day.

Three weeks of Ch-ch-ch-chia growth.
Those little tiny seeds sure had a lot of umph in 'em.


With a three, and an eight,
And a loop and a ring;
Where Mary glides,
The lake will sing!
Out in the mist,
I hear her now.
Under the frost
Of the willow-bough.
Easily sailing,
Light and fleet,
With the song of the lake,
Beneath her feet.

-Herbert Asquith

I can hear the soft crunching of the skates. Can you?
What an excellent descriptive poem.

When Emma was young she ran across the wood floor with a pair of clunky shoes and exclaimed, "My feet are making the song of the cowboys."
I wrote it down on a slip of was worth remembering.

My sister Cindy has often suggested writing down the cute, funny, sweet things our children say. I'd tell her a story on the phone and she'd say,
"Did you write it down?"

It's a very good idea. You'll be glad you did.

Encourage one another,

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