Tuesday, January 04, 2005


As you see, after much fiddling with the needle size and pattern, I have knit ONE Koigu mitten. Did you take a peek? What glorious colors! Take one more gander at the photo above...do you see the smallish ball of yarn that I have left?

I do not think I'm a gonna make it.

At this point the tightwad in me makes an appearance and I start to do the math.
Would I go to the store and spend $25 on a pair of mittens? Probably not.

Oooo I just thought of a monetary loop hole! Janet paid for the first ball of Koigu! Yippee! So if I need another skein, and it does look as tho I might, I can rationalize that this pair of mittens ONLY cost $15.

There I feel so much better now.

And here is the Cha-cha-cha-chia pet.
Growing very nicely isn't it? I finally let Katie touch it yesterday.
Interesting observation about the Chia pet. The 'grass' is growing toward the light in a very noticeable way.

Matthew has been away for all the chia excitement. :o(


Katie and I did not leave the house yesterday. We cleaned and read and cooked and watched t.v.
I use a chart for cleaning that I downloaded called Motivated Moms.
This little list truly motivates me and Katie has fun coming back to the list and asking,
"What's next?"

I wasn't kidding when I said I lived a quiet life.

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