Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Five: Things you would like to do some day

Be specific. Don't say travel. Say where. Please :o)

The important thing about lists is
that you make one.
It's true it can be long and you might not complete it.
But the important thing about lists,
is that you make one.

See The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown

"The important thing about rain is/ that it is wet./ It falls out of the sky,/ and it sounds like rain,/ and makes things shiny,/ and it does not taste like anything,/ and is the color of air./ But the important thing about rain is that it is wet."

I like to make up my own.
Samantha has her limericks
A little 'important thing' ditty plays in my head.
I may have read that little book one too many times :o)

I look forward to reading all of the fantastic things you have on your lists :o)

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