Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cat glasses expedition numero one.
Yet unsuccessful.

Katie and I made our way to two different eyeglass boutiques.
Two trendy boutiques.

And boy do they have good staff.
I didn't spend much time at the first place but the second place pulled me in and held me there.

Immediately, they know whether they have the Lisa Loeb frames.
They are distinctive.
They know.

But do they say, "No, I'm sorry we don't have anything remotely similar to those."


Marty glided through the rows of frames and before you know it you have been there over an hour and tried on 70 pair of frames.

Frames from Paris.
Handmade frames from Paris.

Oh la la.

Marty was good at her job.

Every time I clutched my photo of Lisa in her cat eyes, Marty showed me another pair of frames from Paris.

Marty really was a pro.
She wrote down the glasses that I liked the best. (four pair, four uber expensive pairs of frames.)

And wished me luck on finding the cat eye glasses of my dreams.

Patrick and Katie and I will meander down Madison's State St. today and make a quick peek thru the trendy boutiques.
But I will not get pulled in.
If they ask to help me, I will say, 'no thank you'...

Cause if I show them my picture of Lisa Loeb,
they will hand me a completely different style of glasses.

Unless of course I hit the jackpot!

Wish me luck.


I took my camera along on our shopping trip because Hilldale has a long brick wall.
My favorite photographer of children, Audrey Woulard, takes photos along a brick wall.
She is the best.
I am trying to learn from her.

(Of course without a great photoshop program I will never get the eyes quite as bright and the skin quite so creamy, but I am learning what I can with what I have.
So I am working on Light and Location.)

Thank goodness Katie doesn't hate getting her picture taken.
Most days she's the only one I've got.

hilldale too

She can only act refined for so long.

Then last night.

Because there is nothing on TV and I have a one track mind...


open sesame

I love the light on the pines behind Katie and I love the light in her eyes.
She is acting here.
She cracks me up.

I am learning that it is important which direction you face and where you put your eyes. Especially since I am using the natural light.

nice background
She doesn't watch America's Next Top Model.

And sometimes you have to climb a little to find the light.

Thanks for visiting...and indulging me by looking at all of my photos.
It's more fun when you can share.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Encourage one another,

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