Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Homeschool Post

This is the method I came up with the explain to Katie the difference between a lower case 'b' and a lower case 'd'.
Or the way I say it.

A baby 'b' and a baby 'd'.

The baby 'b' can be made into a big 'B'.

And look! Big 'B' has a baby bump!

A baby 'd' can not become a big 'B'.

It only works for baby 'b' and big 'B'.

We shall see if this explanation clicks for her.

For Lynn
Lynn and I met to knit on Sunday.
It was so nice to get together with her.

I forgot to bring my knitting.

We blame the glasses.


Junie B. Jones

Katie is enjoying these little books.
My sister Cindy has recommended them for years. She reads them to her kindergartners.

I thought it was odd that they are never on any homeschool lists.
And I can see why now.

All of her adventures take place in the classroom.

And well....she says dumb and stupid.

Elsie Dinsmore she is not.

But we like her anyway.

Here is something that made me laugh yesterday.

Junie B. has lost a tooth and wants to take it to show and tell;

"Disgusting" said Daddy.
"Yes," said Mother. "Disgusting."

I whined at those two. "No, it isn't," I said. "Lots of kids bring teeth to school.
'Cause one time Roger brought a shark's tooth. And he even let me and Herb put it right in our mouths. And then we looked like sharks, too."

I thought some more.

"Plus another time, Shirley brought her grandmother's dentures. And lots of us put those in our mouths, too."

Grandmother Miller did a little gag. Only I don't actually know why.

Speaking of show and tell.

Did you love show and tell?

I still love show and tell.
What do you think this blog is about?

The strangest thing I ever brought to show and tell was a....

lobster tail!

I left it in my desk until the teacher had to come looking for the bad smell in the room.

I was a bit of a Junie B. Jones, I'm afraid.

But you already knew that, didn't you?

Encourage one another,

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