Saturday, August 25, 2007

"These things are gushy."

What are these things?
They fell from a tree or a big bush.
That's helpful.
I think I need a field guide.

At least I can see them clearly now.

Yes, the rain is gone and I have my new progressive glasses on.

They are wonderful for distance. I didn't realize how blurry I was seeing.
Things at a distance AND the TV are sharp, sharp, sharp.

The reading is odd. As I look at a page, only the words directly in front of me are clear. I have to move my head to the left and the right to see the whole sentence clearly.

So I look like I am watching a tennis match only to read a sentence in a book.

And then there is the computer screen.

In order to see the computer screen I have to both bob my head back and forth AND stick my nose up in the air!!!

It's riotous and annoying.

This is not a mating dance. The goonies are commiserating about their new progressive glasses. It's Tammy and me.

One more thing about my glasses.
They look very much like my cheaters/readers.

They may be from Paris...but they look like they are from Walgreens.

I mourn.


Here is the email I got from my hubby this morning.

Love you, have a good time in the car

And I will.
I will!!!!

Happy Saturday!

Encourage one another,

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