Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Where in the world?


Do you remember that computer game 'Where in the world is Carmon Sandiego?'

That was way back in the computer game infancy.
Along with Sim City.
Remember that one?

Well, I'm having you guess.

Where are those girls in the picture above?
You have to be specific. More specific than the city name.

Good luck.

And no, you don't win a big fancy prize.
You don't even win a crummy prize.

You are guessing for the joy of guessing.

Yeah. Right.


Aren't those neat uniforms. They are singing a happy song.
They reminded me of Girl scouts or Bluebirds.

What were Bluebirds anyway?
They sure had a nice name.

I flunked out of Brownies.

My leader called me a 'little booger' and I didn't like it.
I told my mother so.
She said, if I quit, I could never join again.

I didn't.

And I actually have never been much of a joiner ever since.

I blame the Brownies.


And I kind of have a beef about something I have no right to have a beef about.

What's with all the children going back to school in early August?

If I didn't homeschool, I'd start because of this!

Can you tell I was a little girl who didn't like sitting in the classroom all that much, cause the thought of going to school in August makes me really sad.

This is what August is all about to me.
jump again

I guess, I'm old fashioned and stuck in my ways, and living in the past and all sorts of other things.

But, I'm enjoying every hot, unrushed, wonderful minute of it!

Encourage one another,

p.s. Our pool has gone saline. No more chlorine.
Interesting, no? Katie noticed right away. Because of the taste.

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