Thursday, August 30, 2007

I found my long lost twin.
She is out there.
In the great wheaty state of Kansas.

I think, I stumbled onto her blog after reading a funny comment she left in Ree's comments.
Or something like that.

Once I got there...I looked around a little.

I happened upon her list of skills.

She was wondering about going back to work,
and thought to list her skills.

And her list is hilarious.
And like I said, I felt a big bond.

1. Blogging

2. Checking my stat counter

3. Reading other people's blogs

Those are only the first three of twenty rockin' skillz that the Country Doctor's Wife possesses.

Click over to her blog.
Let's see if we can make her stats rise.

The first link is her skill set. (It's really funny. I promise. Go read it!)
The second is what she does to her kids on Sunday,
The third and fourth links are to her remodeling and redecorating projects.
She has a big farmhouse that she is working on...
and a pack of little boys to keep it all interesting.

Country Doctors Wife's List of Skills

No Screens

Home Renovation 1

Home Renovation-the bathroom



We're not really twins. But when it comes to all things bloggy.
Let's just say.
I can relate.

And she makes me laugh, she's got a way with words and I love her style.


And when I am not blogging.

I am reading and lounging at the pool.

(At least, once every two weeks)


My favorite magazine of all time.
Cottage Living.

And this book.

A home in France.

It's nice and dreamy.


What's on your plastic, umbrella-clad table?

Encourage one another,

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