Thursday, August 23, 2007

A surprise came in the mail yesterday.

Mere sent me a package.

And even after reading her post earlier in the day.
And seeing the adorable skirt she just finished.
It still didn't register that the adorable skirt was for Katie.

The perfectly-fitting, boho, grown-up looking, beautiful skirt.

Katie loves it!
I think it has moved onto the 'What I will wear to Flame in two weeks chair'.

Thank you for this wonderful surprise!
We both love it!



I make her spin.

sweetspot search
And because I am stuck at home for a whole week, without a car, like it's the old days, before women drove, I am reading about photography and taking a lot of pictures.
And since our cat in unphotogenic and Katie is very.
Here's a favorite.


On Monday, Katie had a tea party.
I'm sure you recognize the children.
But I asked Stephanie if I could get her in a shot.
And then I made her squat down.
Bossy photographer.

And she is fit and young and she squatted on cue.

But she understands that I'm nutty about my camera and I need to take a picture of someone besides Katie.

Doesn't Stephanie look beautiful?

Do you sew?
What is the last thing you sewed?

Here is the last thing I sewed.

Happy Thursday, dear friends,
See you in the comments,
You are all the company I've got,
as I'm stranded and can't even go to the grocery store.


Encourage one another,



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