Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mommy and me.

young seamstress
We may not be starting school for a few weeks...
but the learning happens all the time :o)

Katie is looking forward to returning to her choir and art classes (Flame) in a few weeks. She is so excited she lays awake at night thinking about it.
She has the outfit she will wear arranged on a little chair in her room.
And yesterday she told me she thought she had too many accessories picked out.

Where did she get that!?

But anyway.

The top she choose is a pretty baby doll top we bought recently from Old Navy.
It has been washed once. And it has a torn seam.

It was time to sew it up. I found the thread and Katie ran to get the needle.
She knew right where the needles are kept because we use those same needles to extract splinters.

I started sewing and was just about finished when Katie asked.

"Can I do it?"

At first I said 'no' cause I am accustomed to saying 'no' a lot.

But I quickly changed that to a 'yes'.

I handed it over and gave her a quick lesson.

On the first pull she almost lost the thread...but caught it in time.

"You have to hold on to that thread, just like in knitting." I said.

"Can we put a knot in it?" she said.

Small lessons. That don't feel like lessons.



She's also taking photography.
She took the photo of my hands on the left.

Encourage one another,

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