Monday, August 06, 2007


Like I mentioned before, Katie is reading.
She is blossoming.
This new found ability is making way for new found interests and delights for her.
She is an exuberant child and she is approaching her reading with the same zeal.

The summer library program was the first really exciting thing she learned about reading. You can win prizes for reading a book.

(Yes, of course, these programs have been around forever.
My older children have participated.
And they were very ho hum about it.
So I was ho hum about it.
But not Katie.
It lit a warm fire under her.)

She reads to her friends.
She reads the restaurant signs along the road.
She reads our secretly spelled words.
She reads the state quarters.

state coins
And any child who reads the state quarters and is in 2nd grade and has a mommy who likes maps and states and coins must have this colorful coin holder.
Don't ya think?

I know these have been around since 1999.
The year my little reader was born.

But, late to the party we are...but that doesn't mean we can't have fun!

And when you go to Staples to buy a big state quarter map...

You pass by all the cool school supplies, and post its and nicknack's and do dads...

And these.



Jump Katie!

School stuff!


This one.

She's gonna keep me young.
Think of all the fun we are going to have reading our way thru the wonderful world of books.
We should make a chart for THAT!

Is there a junior great books chart?

I should make one up, shouldn't I.

What book should Katie read next?
What were your little readers very favorite first books?

Encourage one another,

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