Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For months I have been wanting to visit my sister who has returned to the Northwoods.
In the winter, I really didn't want to go in the deep snow.
Summer has flown by with activities on both of our ends....

Because of Emma's schedule Tuesday is the only day we can go anywhere.
So I called Nancy on Monday night to ask if she would like a quick visit.

The day worked for her too. So it was all set.

We left yesterday morning and drove to the top of Wisconsin.
The the land of eagles and big sparkly waters, family and memories.

Of course it was way too short.
But we crammed lots of fun into our eight hour visit.

(This is why I couldn't come see you Tammy! Although I thought of you many times.)


We took the boat to Lakeside landing for lunch.
Nancy is really wonderful with children!


This is Ted, their new pup. Ted was the perfect playmate for Katie!
They ran up and down and around and around.
Ted is the perfect dog. I kid you not.

And yes. Unbeknownst to be, they got a goldendoodle.

The dog of my dreams.


My brother in law has spent years and years being there for the girls in our family (and his). He has taught countless young people how to ride a Sea-do, how to tie up a boat, how to water ski....and in fact, he even taught me how to drive a car.

Here he is giving Emma some pointers before he lets her add Katie to the back of the machine.


There they are!

Go girls! Go!

Isn't Wisconsin beautiful?


So that's what we did.
It's a little crazy to drive that much for such a short time,
but I'm so glad we did!

Thanks for all of the great and funny comments.
You all kept me up way too late last night when I got home!

Hey! Here is a question.

Have you ever been to Wisconsin?
What town did you visit?


Encourage one another,

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