Monday, July 07, 2008

We are here...
We are here...
We are heeeerrrreeee.

Here, but off schedule a bit. Sorry.

I have a sleeping 19 year old on the couch who has just had four wisdom teeth yanked
from her pretty little head.

She is still dopey and sleepy.

The Doc said it couldn't have gone better.
I liked hearing that. A lot.

So on to the Stoughton Fair.....

Mr DeMile, I'm ready for my close up.


It's hard to get pictures of chickens when they are IN their cages,
but these two caught my attention.
They are so pretty and colorful.


During a lull in the pie judging, my friend Kris and her daughter wandered around the animal barns with Katie and me.
Kris baked three pies this year. The Stoughton Fair is a long time family tradition for Kris.


You just know that Katie is saying, "Awww".

I love thin fried onion rings better than any food in the world, I think.
It is hard to find these thin ones.


Kris, if this is embarrassing to you, I will remove it.
But I happen to think you look adorable, and I love how Katie is looking at you ;o)


Here are the famous pie judges.
I know this looks very similar to last years picture.
But it is really this year's picture.
(One of the judges is wearing her 'lucky' judging shirt ;o)

The judges are pretty quiet. We heard a 'WoW' sneak out.
And that happened to be the Grand Champion pie.
A chicken pot pie with lots of ingredients.


All girls named Katie. Sit over here!


Such a natural beauty.

I like to make some of the pictures look vintage-y.
Especially signs. They take to it ;o)

It was a perfect day at the fair.

We both missed Lynn, tho.

Next year. Fourth of July week. Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Be there!

Encourage one another,

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