Monday, July 14, 2008

Introducing the most expensive t-shirt I have ever purchased.

Does that ever happen to you while you are shopping?

It doesn't happen to me very often, but there is something about
the art fair that did me in.

Perhaps it was the smell of patchouli.

Yeah. That's it!

Cause the same thing happens to me at Whole Foods.

But anyway, I saw the price on the infant onesie.
Then I chose a small adult.

Oops. It wasn't the same.


We found some really fun and solid ceramics too.

I didn't buy anything on Saturday because I was shocked by the t-shirt purchase.

But I came home and couldn't stop thinking about Circa Ceramics.
So Katie and I went back on Sunday afternoon.

Circa Ceramics

You can check out their website, etsy, flickr and their blog.

The choice was so difficult. I liked almost every little piece.

Here is what we chose.


I know you think I chose the camera. But little Miss snatched it up before I had the chance.
I told her Lynn would approve of the color.


I like bowls.

These are cute.

And no. We don't live on a hill.
It just appears that way in these pictures.


Katie is off to the First Act Academy today.

This is her week long acting camp. This year they are putting on Prince Caspian.

Of course, Katie wants to be Lucy.

"There are many older girls who would like to be Lucy, too." I caution.

Ah. The theater.

Whether a bumblebee (bossy) or part of the lullaby league...
this is Katie's favorite week of the summer!

What shall I do with myself?


Encourage one another,

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