Thursday, July 03, 2008

Simply Thrilled and I have a problem.


As I earn a little money, I purchase samples.

I have wanted to try Simply Canvas since The Image is Found declared their undying love and devotion to this company and it's canvases.

So last week, a 50% off coupon came in the email for first time clients. And I bit!


I am totally happy with the amazing quality of this product!
I love the pictures...but may have gone over board with the sunglasses.

Ah well. Sunglasses are cool.

But let me tell you something, for being a person of strong opinions...
I can sure be hesitant and confused.

I have absolutely no idea how to group and hang these in my house.

My walls are bare. I am frozen in the land of indecision.

Seriously I have a problem. I have hangaphobia.



This morning, Katie spotted a cardinal at the feeder. I was able to snap one shot before she flew away.

She is a bit gruffy. I think she must have triplets at home and is a bit worn out.
She is not sleek and bright red like her male counterpart.
I think there is a story here.


Tonight is the Fourth of July concert on the square.

This is my favorite concert of the year because they shoot off the canons during the 1812 Overture.

This video cracks me up as there is a man in the foreground who doesn't even turn toward the loud booming nor ever flinch as each blast goes off. What is he, made of stone?

It's a great thing tho, this concert on the square.
We will brave the crowds for this one.

The last song of the night will be Stars and Stripes forever and I will choke back the tears as we dash to the car.

It's our little fourth of July tradition.


So You Think You can Dance was particularly fun to watch last night.
I left a comment in yesterday's comments about which dancers I liked...but
I forgot to say how funny it was when Nigel scolded the audience.
I felt like I was back in high school.


Do you have a parade to parade in or a picnic to attend?
Will you go to the fireworks and eat apple pie?

I think we will splurge and find some sparklers for Katie this year.

She would love those!

Encourage one another,

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