Friday, July 18, 2008


Oh dear, the Fridays Feast is not up yet.

I may have to think of questions on my own today.

think, think, think.....

Which Winnie the Pooh character do you relate to?
Do you see yourself as other see you?
How old are you anyway?
Do you think it's weird that I am so old?
I really do feel old compared to all the whippersnappers I meet on the Internet.
Oh! That's not a question.
Have you read anything spectacular this summer?

There. The Friday Five.


Aw! Bad news on So You Think You Can Dance....

Of the bottom four dancers. The wrong two went home.
Gev and Kharington were given the old heave ho last night.

They are both super talented.

The two dancers that squeezed by...not so much.

Ah well. It's my fault. I don't vote.

Next week Mark and Comfort will go.

I wish the judges had the final say. But they don't. Boo.


Last night Katie went outside at 8:15 to chase fireflies.

I tried to take gorgeous, stunning pictures of my sprite happily chasing the bugs....

This is what I was thinking....


The search.


Look a firefly.

This whole set of pictures was such a mess. Someone asked on Ree's site if I ever took bad pictures.

Why, yes. I do.

Aileen Fisher

Firefly, firefly in the night,
when you flash your twinkly light,
do you know as you flit by
you're a beetle, not a fly?

Firefly, firefly in the dark,
do you know you have no spark,
not a spark of fire at all . . .
just a light that's cool and small?

Firefly, firefly, please come by
underneath the darkened sky,
blinking as you flit along . . .
even if you're name is wrong.


Katie's performance is tonight.
Should be super-fun!

Encourage one another,

Remember to answer those fabulous five questions.

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