Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I was going to search for a poem about swimming pools....and then I thought,
I'll write a swimming pool haiku.

And I remembered how much fun we all have when we ALL write haikus.

So let's do that.


Haiku is a poetic form and a type of poetry from the Japanese culture. Haiku combines form, content, and language in a meaningful, yet compact form. The most common form for Haiku is three short lines. No need to rhyme.

Five syllables
Seven syllables
Five syllables

Won't you join the fun
a summer haiku to share
refreshing and quick



Speaking of refreshing.

Here is a recipe for a quick to make, delicious pie.

Perfect to pull out of the freezer when company arrives hot and hungry.


The Recipe

1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 tub of cool whip
1 container of limeade or raspberry lemonade or lemonade.
2 graham cracker crusts. (Aldi crusts are quite good and inexpensive to boot ;o)

Mix the top three ingredients together.
Poor into two crusts.

Isn't that easy? And it really is delicious.

Thank you, Lynn, for the recipe, blog fodder, the delicious piece a pie and most of all...
your friendship.


dry feet on concrete
dripping children come here please
my toes need a splash

Encourage one another,

Don't forget your summer-time haiku!

Hey! Come back. The comments are working now!!!

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