Thursday, July 10, 2008

In the last few weeks our back yard has become infested with these little bugs.
They sit on our plastic chairs and one little table.
They kind of creep us out.

One bug is not creepy. Thirty bugs are creepy.


Here is how it looks sooc. I do not have a macro lens. This makes me want one.
I could rent one. Did you know that? You can rent lenses by mail.

I think that is a wonderful thing....I have yet to try.


Here I just cropped a little rectangle around the bug.
Then enlarged it.

I like those antennae.


Isn't that metalic green color wonderful.

Yes. I would really have fun with a macro lens.


Why didn't I think of this???

This kid and his goofy dance really make me smile :o)


Speaking of dance.
There were some brilliant moments on 'So you think you can dance last night.'

There is something very joyful about Indian music and dance. (Bollywood)
Is it the beat and the bouncy steps?



I like bugs.
Black bugs,
Green bugs,
Bad bugs,
Mean bugs,
Any kind of bug,

A bug in a rug,
A bug in the grass,
A bug on the sidewalk,
A bug in a glass -
I like bugs.

Round bugs,
shiny bugs,
Fat bugs,
buggy bugs,
Big bugs,
I like bugs.

~Margaret Wise Brown


Emma is feeling a big better this morning.
She kept up with the ibuprofen and even has a short shift at work today.

I hope she doesn't hit any rough patches while at the bank.

Thank you for your advice yesterday.

Encourage one another

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