Friday, July 25, 2008


Friday's Feast is still on hiatus. I have got to use my ole noggin' AGAIN.

How's about a Wisconsin themed feast?

1. What is your favorite cheese.

2. Do you drink beer? If so, what brand.

3. Do you own a pair of moccasins?

4. Which is your favorite Little House on the Prairie book?

5. Who will Brett Favre be playing football for this fall?

Hey! That went okay!

We may need to have guest Feast writers. In fact that's kind of a good idea.
I you feel inspired and have questions answered by a great group of peeps, email them to me
and I will post them on Fridays!


So you think you can dance.

So disappointing. Will went home.

He was by far the best dancer on the show....perhaps ever.

Mark is one of my least favorite dancers ever one the show.
He was as shocked as I was that he stayed.

It was however time for Comfort to go home.

My favorite of the night.


Jumping Rope is not for sissies.


Katie won a jump rope at the grocery store yesterday afternoon.
She asked me to teach her to jump.

Do other mothers teach their children to jump rope?
Or is it just me?

Do other 50 year old mothers find it a little jiggly to jump rope?
Or is it just me?


It was not coming easily for Miss Katie Gracie.


No easily at all.

The drama. It comes naturally.


What's left but silliness?

You know, I gave the big rah, rah, you can do it, speech.
It takes time.
Watch me.
Let's swing it together.
Two more days and you will have it.

Until she was a heap on the ground.
And she started to tear up.

But at 8:45 she called me outside to watch how she had improved!
She was very happy!
She jumped four times.

Not with nice bounces in between.
But four huge, wild, jumps.

But it was jumping rope.
And she went to bed feeling a little better about herself.

And I'm so happy about that.

Today, I hope the little bounces in between find their way.


Encourage one another,

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