Monday, July 21, 2008


Colors at the Dane County Fair= Eye-popping.

fried pickles and lime cherry drink

Fried Pickles at the Dane County Fair= hot

And speaking of hot. Man was it hot.

It was 85 and humid and boy was my face red.

I wore my hair down because I was feeling ugly and tried to improve my appearance.
But it didn't help and it made me even more steaming.

I didn't have a rubber band but Katie did and she kindly gave it to her mommy.

And I don't want you to say in the comments 'you don't look ugly' cause you weren't there :o)

And anyway, I know you have those hair days, weeks, months, when your hair is just ALL WRONG.

So I have been wearing it in a pony tail. But that is even starting to look bad.

(My hair used to be my saving grace. As I have gained weight over the hair still looked pretty.
Well, something has happened in the last six months to my hair. It's gotten kind of wavy/frizzy and very difficult
to prettify.)

Today I am going to the beautician try to beautify myself.

I know it is a lot to ask.

I am asking for a hairstyle that is easy to keep and makes my face look thinner.

Wish us luck.

(And I know you folks in Arizona will chuckle. But 85 and humid is super hot to be standing in the sun at the Dane County Fair, I tell ya. Phew.)


Once we got to the fair and ate our lunch, Patrick immediately headed toward the midway.
While, I have my fears, he does not. And when I said my children didn't go on these rides, I wasn't lying.
Patrick has rarely come to the fair with us.

Now that he doesn't own a business anymore he has weekends off and can come along.

It is not always easy to take his opinions into consideration. But I try.

I've been making so many of these decisions on my own for so long.

But Katie didn't die on the it worked out okay :o)

This was the big person ride. It went forward and backward.

They liked it!

Then Katie went on two 'baby rides'; The big slide and bumblebees.

I stood in the sun and sweated.

Greek Fest

On Sunday, Lynn and her family met Emma and I at the Greek Fest.

The food was delicious and the fellowship sweet.

However, I think I will remember most that we sat in the sun and ate.

And, my oh was hot!

I am so spoiled and not at all use to suffering in the heat.

Can you tell?

We did have one really, really good laugh in the basement of the church while eating our baklava.

It had to do with cutting baklava in the proper shape.

But, I can't tell it to you because I don't have the words but believe me when I say,
it was as funny as the Post It incident.


Alright. Better go and get ready for my haircut.

You have one hour to give me a suggestion.

Remember: pretty, easy, thinner.

Encourage one another,

Because I love you and you are always so kind to me....
and because my hair will most likely not look this nice for a while...

I present to you my haircut and color.

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