Saturday, July 19, 2008


Such a happy time for Katie.

And even a smile from her daddy!

Pretty Special.

I have never printed off one of these storyboards, but I may do this one as a sample and I
think Katie would love it.

I think it prints as a 20 x 20. Then you just frame it in a single frame.

Or knowing me, you set it on the dresser, unframed, for all time and eternity.


The Dane County Fair is the weekend.

What do you like best about Fairs?

The food, the animals, the rides, the exhibitions?

We have never let our children go on the rides, so we take a lot of fun
out of the fairs. (Well, we do let them ride in a circle on the ponies.)

I have this fear of that clackity, rickety rides.

Perhaps we can let her try one of the "games".

Katie says she likes the kittens and chickies and horses.

Um. I like the food and the animals and the atmosphere.

How about you?


One month from tomorrow and Emma goes away to college.

So fast. It all goes so fast.

Encourage one another,

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