Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Of Sandwiches and Baseball

My new recipe each week has been kind of a bust.
And I have figured out why that is.

It's because, in most cases, one can't do something very well or perfect the first time they try it.

And especially me.

It takes practice to make something perfect.

I remember it taking three times to get Ina Garten's Sour Cream Coffee Cake right.

The first two times I used the wrong sized Bundt pans. But now that I have the kinks worked out,
I can make her delicious cake with nary a problem.

Lots of times, Katie will comment that she can't do something as well as me.
She doesn't have other little ones to compare her drawing with...and it's just me or Emma.

But I tell her, 'Well Katie, I learned to draw a lion when I was in high school, so I have been practicing it for a long time.
I have had a lot of practice.'

So. the old try, try again rule is applicable to trying new recipes.

As for the 'I will make a new recipe each week', well, that was a real big set up for failure as I see it.

So instead, I will, when I can, host the good parts version of 'a new recipe a week'.
And when I don't create it, I will show you something good to eat.

How's that?


This lovely sandwich was made by the Whole Foods Deli.

It is the Turkey, Gouda, Apple sandwich.

It is so delicious.

As you can see there is a bit of leafy lettuce on the bottom and what you can't see is a hot mustard.

Lettuce, turkey, gouda cheese, mustard (hot not yellow) and yellow apples.

I have them toast this, panini (sp?) style for me.

It is my favorite sandwich in the world and it's healthy.
I'm sure you can duplicate this delicious sandwich at home.
If you try it a few times.




Cool new stamps.

Do you like this style?

Visit Hive.




Katie's first game was last night.

She was lead batter and played first base, second base and catcher.
It's so cute to watch these little ones play.

And well, she handled being catcher really well!

We could tell she couldn't see thru the catcher's mask as each and every ball bounced and rolled past her.

But she tried and didn't cry and bellow, 'it feels funny!'.

So for us. That is a really big step! I'm so proud.

And speaking of the girls....
they are both still asleep.

It's nine o'clock in the morning!

Sleepy heads.

Emma seems to be doing very well.
We shall see when she wakes up how she is feeling today.

Thanks for your well wishes on her behalf!

Encourage one another,

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