Saturday, December 06, 2008

And the winner for best actor in a supporting role is.....

Mark Walton for his role of Rhino.

Walton does not have a lot of credits to his name...but man, he was hilarious!

I usually dread going to kiddie movies.

Bolt was a total surprise and delight!

We ALL loved it!!!


It's got to be special to make the desktop.

And this one is to me.

I snapped it yesterday afternoon after Katie made the rounds looking for a playmate.

No one around to play with....

But she got some rosy cheeks out of the deal

and I got a new desk top shot!!!


(she didn't want to put her coat on and come outside, so
she is standing in the doorway, facing....north.)

What's on your desktop?

Encourage one another,

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