Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Why do we like to watch these people?
Why do they make us laugh?

He is the king of disfunction.
Yet, we can't turn away.

Archie was outrageous and prejudice.

Suzanne Sugarbaker was self-centered beyond belief?
But she one of the funniest women characters ever on television.

And Scarlet was so very bad. But still considered a classic hero.

These two. They are from Absolutely Fabulous. Watching these nuts was a guilty secret for me in the 90's.
Talk about a hot mess.


Not me.

And these four ended up in jail for being self-centered and uncaring.

So why are they so funny?

And now we have housewives behaving badly.

From coast to coast.

Another train wreck.


I know you can think of more examples....

I know I don't want my husband or children to behave like these characters....

And I don't want to be friends with them....

But why are they so popular?

(Patrick Jr., this one is for you!
One of our very favorite scenes!
You know, Suzanne shoots Anthony in this episode, too!)

Encourage one another,

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