Monday, December 08, 2008

Do you need shoes for Christmas?

Let me do a little commercial here for an online company called Zappos.

Patrick Sr. got on line and ordered a pair of shoes on Thurs. night at 9:30.
At 11:00 the next morning we got a knock at the door.

Shoes arrived.

And the most shocking thing about this service....

It was free.

Free overnight shipping!!!

Unheard of!!!

Check out Zappos

(P.s. I just checked....Patrick bought my Christmas present locally and Zappos has the same item for six dollars less.)

I want to buy these boots for the girls.

They do not want them.




Pioneer Woman Actions, Set Two are available over at Ree's site.

This is really a tremendous set of actions.

Ree is so generous to create these and give them away for free. They are quality actions and they really are wonderful!

The above picture was created using her new Sunshine action plus boost from her first set.



This one is a little more subtle.
But I can tell and I know I will use Ree's "Warm" action a lot.
This time of year things are cool, inside the camera and out.

Ree's warm was super adjustable and really the best I have tried.

I have at least four actions that I use to warm up my cool shots,
and this one is the best.

Yay Ree! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks so much!

(I used Warm, eyes and sharpen on this picture after I had edited it with my regular workflow.)

Pioneer Woman Actions:Set Two

20081206_3698awmheartboo copy

heartland +boost


Has anyone read Inkheart?

I saw a movie trailer for the movie and it looks AMAZING!

Tell me about the book.


Encourage one another,

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