Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am starting a new project. I have been pondering these mittens for over a year.

Lynn is making a similar pair. Her's are looking beautiful.

It took me a little longer to get my stuff together because I am a total copy cat.

I saw the most wonderful mittens at Hello Yarn website last year and I just had to copy her.

She used this yarn for her pair.

Harrisville Yarn

Harrisville Designs

Ms. Hello Yarn used this book;

Selbuvotter:Biography of a Knitting Tradition

So I bought it.

When I paged thru it I knew what I would try first.

A sweet pair of mittens called my name.


You will have to wait a day or so to learn the mystery of the mittens.

While I was photographing the mittens....


Katie sat next to me.

And know what that means. :o)


We took the kids skiing last night.
They had a blast.

Matthew landed on Katie's head and we are all thankful she had a helmet on.

I'm making a turkey for dinner tonight as it is Matthew's favorite.

I hear football behind me as I type and four very rowdy Game of Life players.

Life is good.

Encourage on another,

P.s. I sure am sorry about the comments being so stupid.
I have not heard from the support staff.

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