Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Do you have days when you don't leave the house?
Not once?

Yesterday was such a day.

Katie found neighborhood children to play with and I sat in house, reading your comments.

And doing some laundry. Tuesday is laundry day.

And toting baskets and baskets upstairs because they are on the floor and I have to clear out the whole lower level
of the stuff that sits on the floor because we are having wood floors laid this week.

The wood was to arrive yesterday but the snow came instead.

I uploaded a clients gallery which was due this coming Friday.
I don't know if I will have my computer available on Friday.

Glad I thought of it.



Watched Bonnie.

Read more encouraging, loving comments.

Cooked chicken from Costco.

Watched Oprah @ OCD.

Read comments.

Served dinner.

And watched Biggest Loser.

I have such a love hate relationship with that show, you wouldn't believe it.

At 9:30 Patrick went out to get the mail.
I didn't even go to the mailbox.

I was hibernating.

In the mail was a note from the store where I bought my lens. My malfunctioning lens.

They say it is back. (Why they didn't call, I don't know.)

Nikon attached a note. Said because this is an old lens it doesn't work as well as the new lenses.


I just bought it new in Aug.

I called Nikon. They say it is old.

Me thinks I have been swindled by our local camera company.

This caused me not to sleep. (Along with the fact that my hormones are totally out of whack.)

I just keep going over and over what I would say when I went to the camera store today.

I want a new lens. I paid for a new lens. I do not want a lens that is so old it does not work like the new lenses.

It is not good to get bad news at 9:30, is it?

Can you stay in the house all day? Or does it drive you batty?
Do you yell at the television? Or is it just me?

Do you know how much you mean to me?

Your companionship and thoughtfulness and positivity mean the world to me.

Thank you.

Encourage one another,

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