Monday, December 29, 2008


It's been all sparkly and beautiful looking outside.



Today starts my little holiday from my new routine.

I expect to have a quite week of putzing around the house and getting everything back where it belongs.

I really love not having to dash out the door, so I will be thankful.

I need to plan for Katie's birthday bash.

She would like to invite 18 friends.

This freaks me out. Eighteen. Oh boy.

Katie is like me. She does not want to leave anyone out. She would like to invite all the third grade girls and some second grade girls, too. And her homeschool friends.

She would like a Karaoke party.

Oh my gosh.

I can only think of how it can all go wrong.

Katie has been planning and making invitations and dreaming about this party for over a month.

I better get on it.


Encourage one another,

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