Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holy Cow! You should hear the ripping and tearing of wood coming from our living room.

Yikes! It sounds fierce!


Glad I know it's the kindly, hardworking BASK construction team in there preparing the way for some lovely

Anita's husband and son(s) will be spending loads of time over here for the next few day.

And all I can think of is....

I never have to shampoo my carpet again.

This is what makes me happy.

I'm just so tickled that when I have company coming, I don't have to go rent the rug doctor...



This is not the reason my husband wants wood floors. He just really likes wood floors.

And so we take on a big (for us) project.

In a week, our house will look totally different.

And all the baskets and piles of stuff that sit along the perimeter of the rooms....

They will be sorted and reassigned to either the garbage, goodwill or a Longaberger basket.

I look forward to a neat and tidy rooms with pretty maple floors.




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