Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Negative comments.

They happen.

On message boards, forums, and blogs.

They almost NEVER happen on this website.
And if something is a bit too negative and I think someone will be offended.
I just delete it.

Delete Away.

Do you know how many times in five years I have had to do that?

Two or three.

So I am happy in my little quite world, surrounded by like-minded people who know that...

if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Thank you, kind readers.

Thank you, dear Esther.

But not all cyber stops are as aware of this philosophy as we are here.
And when you gad about you are bound to find this out.

The other day, I was told to "get out of the house...there are other subjects out there."

And you know. It is just wrong to defend yourself on the internet.
Mean comments are to be ignored.

So I ignored.

But it still bugs me.

Here is the only subject I have around lately.

My creation

And this is the other subject.


I am so thankful for this little subject.

Because of her....I have learned so much.

She is the best little sport in the whole world.

I will just focus on that.

And I will enjoy to fact that today is a SNOW DAY.

First time in 14 years I have been a benefactor of a snow day!


It is only 8:30 and my little subject is outside wading thru the new snow.

Better get my camera...

Encourage one another,

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