Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy Blogiversary to us....

Five Years! Wow!

This blog would just be a diary if it were not for each and every thoughtful, funny, lovely reader.

Thank you for making this place a place where we can love one another, make someone laugh and encourage one another.

Lynn ( my Tonto, my Louise, my Ethyl) did the work and made up with a fun questionnaire.
She said something about a prize. But. Well. I hate to mail things so there will be no prize,
I'm sorry.
Unless, of course, Lynn mails it.
Now that's an idea.
But, I think Lynn hates to go to the post office, too.
So just forget getting any prizes from us.

I did have a giveaway once.

Does anyone remember what I gave away?

On to the questions!

1. Favorite Quiet Life Controversy
2. Favorite Quiet Life quote
3. Favorite Quiet Life link
4. Favorite Quiet Life picture
5. Favorite Quiet Life recipe (remember when you used to do recipes? that was before you were famous.)
6. Favorite Quiet Life moment of all time
7. Name one thing you know now that you didn't know before reading Quiet Life
8. Name one person you know now that you didn't know before reading Quiet Life
9. Name one book you've read because Donna or a commenter recommended it
10. Name one blog you read because Donna linked to it (you cannot say Pioneer Woman!)

The first picture I ever posted was that of a Booja Bag.

felt bag

I didn't take the picture, but mine looked exactly like that. (Cause I'm a copycat)
Where is that Booja bag now? I do not know.

Anyway. I didn't have a digital camera at all when I started blogging.
Around month four we bought a little Olympus point and shoot and I was delighted to start adding my own pictures.

Here is the knitting project that I am working on currently.


My mom's name was Esther so this was the pair I had to make.

Aren't they just adorable.

It's slow going. But it is not a race.
My husband thinks they should be framed and that might be the best solution because they are too small for me!

But I love them. (it) (the pattern)

Have a great New Years Day!

A great year to come!

And as my dearly departed Greek relatives would say....


Baby, it's cold outside.

( yup. Katie says Happy New Year too ;o)

Encourage one another,

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