Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a sensational, thrilling night of Lost!

Did you watch all three hours?

I really needed that first hour of summary.
Wasn't it fun watching those two writers talk about the characters and story?

They promise: action, adventure and answers.

That sounds like F.U.N.

Would you have gone with Ben or run into the arms of the police?

I do not like Daniel. He is sneaky. He acts like he knows it all. And he doesn't.
He is self- serving.

I think they should all just go on Oprah and spill their guts.
No need to return to the Island.

Widmore is no match for the power of Oprah.

(However, Oprah is no match for my spellcheck.)

Off to school this morning.

I'll be back with more thrilling blogging this afternoon.

Encourage one another,

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