Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Katie was cast!
We are so happy for her.

She has a small speaking part.

Princess #12

(Once Upon a Mattress)

We have wanted Katie to get her little foot in the door as far as local theater goes and this could not
have turned out better.

We talked and talked about how competitive theater is and that it is very common to go to many
auditions before getting a part.

So to see her name on the list was a great surprise!

Practices are every Sunday afternoon starting Jan. 25th.

Won't this make the winter fly by!!!


I want to hear your thoughts on why we listen to the one negative comment and give it so much weight and give so little weight to the
500 positive comments?

My husband says it is our human nature.

But I don't really get that?

Can anyone clear this mystery up for me?

(Just as brief as I can be about this....
One person said I post too many pictures of Katie and Emma on Ree's site.
Yet. I have let it bother me for two months and when I go to write another tutorial
I am fretting the whole time I look for pictures to use.
Because they are mostly of Katie.
Now. I do not want you to come to my defense. You have done that many times.
But I do want to know why I let that one stupid comment bother me so much.
I have a feeling I am not alone in this confusing reaction.)

Thank you so much!

Encourage one another,

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