Thursday, January 08, 2009


We are off to school in a few moments.

Thursday is my day to help in the classroom. I work one on one with several students.
I listen to them read, go thru word flash cards and help them write sentences.

I am so much more comfortable one on one than I am with a big group.

I like my little classroom assignment.


Someone in the comments ask what religion I was.

And the truth is, I don't know.

I am an on fire for Christ-Lutheran-Methodist-Baptist-Presbyterian-Catholic.

I am only officially a Lutheran.

But we have been attending a Catholic church for quite some time now.

I hear from my old friends that Pastor Sterz would be rolling over in his grave.

(And when I pray for Kris at Mass, oh man, I have to smile a little and think of Pastor Sterz.)

Our Emma goes to a mission minded school. In one of the classes the students need to write a creed of sorts, a statement of faith.

And I asked her if after writing the whole list of what you believe, does the teacher then ask, 'does the church you attend adhere to all of your beliefs?'

I imagine there is not a perfect fit out there.

But perhaps there is for you.

I'd be curious to know if you've found the perfect fit?

And if not, how do you deal with your little or big differences that arise in your beliefs and the church you attend?

Please speak kindly and respectfully.
We have many faiths represented and I would not want insult anyone.

I will just share an example quickly.

I attended a few Baptist churches over the years. They were lovely and I met wonderful Christians at these churches, and I heard the word of God.
I, however, struggled with the infant baptism vs. believers baptism.

Having been baptized as an infant, I did not feel it was right for me to be baptized again.

Now. I know that 50% of you will agree with infant baptism and 50 % of you will agree with believers baptism.

And I know we will not resolve that long debated issue here.

But I share that to say, I never joined the Baptist church due to that issue.

But, do you need to be on board %100 with a churches teachings before you join?

Encourage one another,

Oh yikes. I pray I have not naively opened a can of worms.

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