Monday, January 26, 2009

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Look what I made this weekend.

This will be a 5 x 7 handout/postcard.

I am donating a photography session and a canvas/prints to Katie's school auction this year.
I have been told there is not a lot of space to display items (I had really hoped to set up a canvas or stand out because the really do sell themselves, they are so beautiful) so I made these little cards to give people an idea of my style.

(Our phone number is also on the card but I erased it for the Internet)

So that's my charity/marketing for the year.

We shall see how it goes.



Katie had her first practice for Once Upon A Mattress!
I think she enjoyed it...she was singing for hours afterward.



We went for a ride before picking Katie up from practice.


Did you know that the pros (Scott Kelby) say that the only landscape pictures that sell are ones taken
at sunrise or sunset?

Isn't that interesting? The light is beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

So that is your free tip for the day :o)

I hope you have a great week!

See ya round.....

like a donut.

Encourage one another,

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