Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I forget how freaky sharp my 17-55 is.
I get in a rut and leave my little 50mm on the camera for weeks at a time.
Forgetting that the 17-55 can do as well.

Many experts say that prime lenses are sharper.
( A prime lens does not change shape. It is a 28mm or a 50mm or an 85. Always.)

But a really good zoom can take remarkably sharp pictures.



Katie. How do you really feel about this photo session?


She gets me back tho.

And this is how she does it.

Yesterday, Sister Sue wrote to confirm some wedding plans. Her son is getting married in July.

While I was cooking dinner, Katie stood next to me and told me what she was wearing to the wedding.
And what outfit she was going to wear the day before.

And I said. You are not wearing that dress. (A ugly hand me down from the next door neighbor)
And she insists. And we end up arguing over what dress she is going to wear in six months!!!

This makes me crabby and short and I say, "You are wearing what I say you are going to wear!"


I forgot to check.

She is probably already packing.

For the wedding, that is.

She loves to pack weeks in advance for trips.

Heaven help me be sweet and kind.

Encourage one another,

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