Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the page that hosts my Stats, there is a little line that says "Search Phrases."

Some times for kicks, I click on that link to see what people type in their search engines, that lead them to me.

I have seen other bloggers do this and it is usually really funny what comes up.

Mine are what you would expect.

Except perhaps the Hookelau.

Picture 3

I posted about the Hookelau in 2004.

It is a cute Hawaiian song that was taught to the neighborhood children by a girl who would run little summer programs in her garage. (I wonder if she became a teacher? )

Jenny had been to Hawaii and knew the Hukilau song and dance.

I must have just loved learning this song and dance because it is one of my most vivid memories from childhood.

And the funny thing is, almost every time I check my "Search Phrase" page,
someone is looking for the Hukilau.

(Only poor spellers find my site)

I seem to remember a grass skirt...but do not remember a coconut bra.

How's that for a search phrase?

Coconut Bra.

Fun for adults, too!

Is it any wonder I went on to learn sign language and work with deaf children?

Have you ever done a search phrase check?
You should!

If you have done one, what odd search phrase led to your blog?

Hey, speaking of coconut bra's, John and Jim Belushi went to my high school.
Jim was a few years ahead of me. I remember seeing one of them in the yearbook wearing grass skirt and coconut bra!
South Pacific was the musical that year :o)
Sure wish I could find that picture!

Have a great day!

Encourage one another,


Lynn would like to talk about Inauguration dresses.

I really did like this pretty cream dress. Feminine and showing off Michelle's great arms.

This was kind of awful in my opinion. I once bought a chair at a garage sale that had very similar fabric.
Also it looked bulky on her. She has a lovely figure and it just wasn't her best.

Jill Biden looked fantastic in her red coat and smokin' boots!

No one wore a coconut bra.

The end.

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