Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I am a bonehead.

I am a bonehead.

I ordered a book of my 2008: Year in Pictures from Qoop.
My pictures were in a Set I created on Flickr.

It was so easy to choose the whole set.
Make a few quick decisions and click print/purchase.

I was so quick and easy,
I made a dopey and lasting mistake.

I typed in the wrong year. It was New Years Eve.
I had 2009 on the mind.

Lynn says I should get out a Sharpie.

And I guess I will, or I will make a note on the inside.

*heavy sigh*



Not perfect.

* I can recommend Qoop to you.
The colors came out excellent.
It arrived in a very timely manner.

If you Flickr, it is easy as pie!



So yesterday afternoon, when it was super dark outside, I did a little experiment.
I put the camera on "A" for Aperture setting.
I set the camera on a stack of books (Saxon Math).
And I pushed the shutter.

The shutter stayed open for a really long time.

Like 1/6

If I was holding the camera this picture would have been really blurry.

I can not hold it still under 1/50

And I was utterly shocked that I could get a sharp shot in the dim Jan. light in my kitchen.

(If Katie had moved, the picture would be blurry too. She can sit real still, believe it or not.)

The thing is....Scott Kelby, in his basic Digital SLR books says 'get a tripod'.

'If you want tac sharp pictures, use a tripod'.

And I have resisted. Cause there are many things I would rather spend money on than a tripod.

And I am on the move. It would cramp my style bay-bee.

But. He is right.

I am finished making excuses.

I'm gonna get one.

I am convinced.

So besides being a bonehead, I am stubborn and have to learn things the slow way.

But, my skin is growing thicker by the minute and I have checked my pride at the door...

And I am blessed with the best friends and family a girl could ever wish for.

Life is pretty darn good :o)

Love ya like a friend!!!

(that's Katie's saying :o)

Encourage one another,

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