Thursday, January 15, 2009

(this is really our mail box)

Dear Global Warming,

You seem to have forgotten about us in the Upper Midwest.
Please come for a visit. We will welcome you with cheers and smiles.

Donna in Wisconsin
Where it is currently -15
and our schools are closed due to scary cold temps.

Dear Lord,

Please protect the travelers.
Keep the heaters going.
Help the homeless find shelter.
Thank you!



My sister Cindy has always been the cutest girl.

I remember a picture of her sitting in a purple chair with Spoolies in her hair.

We all fondly remember that picture and those Spoolies.

In fact, I have mentioned them on the blog before.

Turns out that Vermont Country Store sells them now!

And Nancy found them and bought them.....


and crowned Cindy with a brand new pair of Spoolies.
(Same pose if I remember correctly :o)
Do you think Pauline brought you those Spoolies from Walgreen's?
Yes. Chicago had Walgreen's in the 60's)

Hey! Cindy!

Why did you get long hair and Sue and I had to have Pixies?


I also have a very exciting announcement.

Lynn took it upon herself (after I wrote her and pushed her into it) to start a Book Club Blog!!!

We have never done this before but with three of us already in possession of the book, Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry,
it seemed like a really great idea.

And so The Hannah Coulter Book Club for Copy Cats was born.

Carol, Di, Sandy and Laura (all LONG time QL readers) read Hannah Coulter last year and placed the book on their 'best of' list.

If you would like a little reading camaraderie and fun, please, join us!

We expect to be a party of three. Lynn, Steph, and me.

But we honestly are a very welcoming bunch and would be thrilled if you decided to read along with us!
And for those of you who have already read it, you are welcome to come and join in the discussion...if you can remember that far back :o)

Hannah Coulter Book Club

Encourage one another,


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