Saturday, January 24, 2009

There is no rhyme or reason to this blog post.

I said a prayer.
Then I went to my old pictures on the hard drive.

And I picked out favorites.

Let's see if there is a theme.


Before I had a digital camera I needed to borrow pictures.
How I love the sweet little outfit the little girl is wearing.
I love the shape of the coat and the attention both mommy and child are paying to the buttoning.


Look. It was summer once.
This is a favorite because I really like this posture.
I am not so good at action shots. So this is cool to me.


Speaking of action shots.
I wish Katie loved dance as much as her mom.
Ah well.


This is one of my favorite Norman Rockwell pictures.
That is Sue, Cindy and me.

Sue is the big girl, I am the one with the mouth open and Cindy is the blondie.


Here is a picture I am sure I have never posted.
If I was rich and had a cabin on a lake,
this would be the guest quarters.

Don't you love it?


I have knit dozens of mittens in my life. These remain in the top three.


I love this picture of Patrick. Matthew is looking pretty darn sweet too.
Those cat ears may have to be bronzed they have been worn so often by so many.

diane kruger

The Oscars are on in a month or so.
I went searching to find out about Elle Saab after seeing this dress.

How pretty!


This is how I feel....way too often.


Here is one of my favorite paintings of all time.

It is called The Prairie is my Garden by Harvey Dunn.

I have a secret dream to recreate this with Ree in a photograph one day.

Don't tell.

Well...that's all folks.

No rhyme or reason after all.

Other than....

Life is beautiful, I guess.

Love ya!

Encourage one another,

Go and look thru your old pictures. It's really fun!

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