Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well, I don't know what to say today.

I could talk about the Bachelor but I think I would be talking to myself.

I promised not to complain or argue when I started this blog....

so that leaves out talking about our ridiculous weather.

So here is a picture I snapped of Katie yesterday afternoon.

It is bright and sunny.


My husband said he would help me learn to make bread. (He was a baker, for heaven's sake. He just isn't accustomed to making one loaf at a time.)

And we both thought Ree's steak bites looked yummy and easy.

So we have that to look forward to this weekend.

A little cooking and baking.

Emma is back to school and rearranging her schedule.

She is happy to be reunited with her roomate, which is really cool.

I had weird and mean room mates at my first college.

My first room mate was a vegetarian( when only hippies were), studied Russian, let her energy flow to her plants, yelled out in her sleep (Russian) and practiced Astro Projection.

I was too nice to ask for a different room mate, and well, she was not unkind, so I didn't think you asked for a different room mate because they were odd.

The second year, um, I don't even know what ever happened with that one. But there was no friendship or companionship at all.

It is no wonder that I was lonely and bored and restless.

I transfered in my Junior year and fit in much better with the students at HIllsdale.

So the fact that Emma likes her room mate makes me very happy for her.


Fun times in October.

I miss October.

Hows about you tell us about your college rommies?

Were they fab or a drag?

Encourage one another,

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