Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Adios Amigos


Come back pretty white mustang! Come back....


When I was a little girl, perhaps first or second grade, I wanted a horse very badly.
Our grandpa told us he would get us a pony and I believed him. I'm sure I asked him about it every time I saw him but unfortunately he didn't get around to it.

I loved horses because I love Roy Rogers and Trigger.
I loved the horse movies they played on Family Classics. (Flicka, Son of Flicka)
My favorite outfit was the cowgirl costume with fringe and a vest.... I loved it very much.

And every night I prayed for a white horse.

My friend Cathy and I pretended we were horses. We galloped and jumped and ran up and down her driveway.
We were Wind and Windy and one of us was the fastest and the other could jump the highest.

Gallop. Gallop. We were happy little girls.

And every night I prayed. And when the horse didn't materialize,
I tried making a deal.

Dear God,
If I can keep my hands folded all night and wake up with my hands still folded,
can I have a horse then?


I was never able to sleep thru the night with my hands folded.
And I never got that white horse.

And now that if I truly wanted a horse, I could get it...but I'm not interested anymore.

I'll take a really good, obedient dog.

That is where my hopes lie now. A dog.
I don't fold my hands and pray and make deals anymore.
At least not about dogs or horses.

Mostly I say thanks for what I do have.


snuggle. snuggle.

Encourage one another,

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