Saturday, February 20, 2010


Demonstration. That is what I keep thinking about.
How will I demonstrate spot metering.
How will I show the class how to shoot a group and get everyone in focus.
How will show how to find the light.

The set-ups and locations and answers spill thru my mind.

I can't wait to spend the day showing instead of writing. I love writing the tutorials for
Ree but I am such a hands-on learner that I find it is my favorite and most natural way of teaching.

When I was in a quilting group in Marinette I realized this about myself.
My friend, Martha was a fantastic quilter. I was just learning.

She found a pamphlet on how to make binding on the bias. She made copies and handed them around.
'Will you show us?" I asked.
"Here. It's on this pamphlet." she said with a smile.
My brain cried. It looked Greek to me.

I can't remember how it came about...but the next time we met, she showed us how to do it.
It was probably the glazed over look in my eyes.
I miss Martha.

and that's the nice thing about small groups and a nice chunk of time.
I will be sending a questionnaire to the students beforehand so I know
just what they are most wanting to learn. I'm expecting the levels of experience to be
quite varied, from someone who just got their camera to someone who is hoping to start a business and
wants to get to the next level.

Gosh that sounds amazing to me.



Katie FINALLY lost a tooth that has been "in the way" for the last few months.
We were all set to have it pulled by the dentist....but on the way home from school snapped....and moved....
and fell out.

We are so happy to say 'so long' to that pink tooth.

She wins the award for saving us $85 for the extraction.

Way to go, Katie!


See that cool font I used for the workshop announcement?
It's by Crystal Kluge. She is pretty darn cool.

Check out her fonts here

Crystal Kluge

She drew my fabulous logo :o)
Make sure you check out her very cool maps!

Happy weekend!

Encourage one another,

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