Saturday, February 13, 2010


Safely IN.


Thank you for the wonderful words of Cheer over baby booshay to be!
For us Sept 3 will be here in a snap!
Matthew and Melinda both already love children...I can not wait to see the love that pours
out of them for their own little boy or girl.

I was talking with my friend Nancy yesterday afternoon and we were talking about having boys as opposed to
girls; how they are different, what we thought it would be like.

She wished for girls because she didn't have a sister.
I wished for girls because I didn't really know much about little boys. (my family had 6 girls and one boy)

But the second our first child, Patrick Jr. was born, I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with him.

I can't wait for Matthew and Melinda to have that feeling.

circa 1982

Polaroids are all the rage right now in the photography world.


We were there the first time around :o)


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!

Thank you for your warmth and kindness and joy!!!

Encourage one another,

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